Sep 26, 2023

Energy Management - Questions to ponder

 D and I walked to a nearby supermarket around 7 p.m. today. It was dark and there was less traffic on the road. We were walking on the side and all of a sudden, a premium sports car whizzed past us in a second, making a loud noise. The high speed and the terrible noise came all of a sudden. I lost my balance a little bit but I didn't fall. Both of us were shaken and shocked.

We entered the shop and as I was trying to pick up a few things, the packets placed on the same shelf started falling one after another. I usually handle things softly but today, it felt clumsy and I couldn't explain why these packets were falling. This happened on two different shelves.

After a few breaths, I felt better. We finished our shopping and returned home.

We are energy beings. We radiate energy through our thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors. We also grab energies (consciously or unconsciously) from other sources - people, videos, news channels, social media posts, movies, series, etc.

Let's say, we face a stressful situation at the workplace, we carry that stress energy back to our home and end up re-transmitting it onto our spouse or children. We all have experienced this situation at some point or another.

When we watch a disturbing movie, the energy of fear or anxiety lingers in our conscious minds for at least a few days.

When we watch a triggering/argumentative talk show, the energy of anger increases and spoils our day.

The same applies to positive energies as well. When we watch a funny video or an inspiring talk, we feel the energy of joy and motivation immediately.

The kind of energy we put out to the Universe also matters, as it impacts the overall collective energy.

I couldn't have controlled or prevented that rash sports car driver from making that noise today.

But I can control what I consciously feed my visual senses this evening.

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