Sep 23, 2023

On-screen character

Is there a character from a book, a series, or a movie that closely resembles your personality? 

When you read about or see that character come alive, your mind or even your friends and family go, "That's exactly you!".

Hermione from Harry Potter is the closest to my personality. And I see her in myself in all these years.

I was participating in a test today and I raised my hand even before the teacher asked the question (I later realized it wasn't even a question!). It was a bulb-u (face-palm) moment, as I unleashed my inner Hermione! 😂😂

I exhibit many of her characteristics (knowingly or unknowingly), especially when I play the role of a student - asking questions, answering questions, preparing ahead, voluntarily asking for additional work, etc. I'm sure it would be annoying to a few in the class 🤣

A few days back, K made fun of me, "42 vayasaachu.....neeyellaam innum thirundhaveyilayaa?" ("You are now 42 years old, and you haven't changed yet?")
In Thalaivar style, I replied, "koodave porandhadhu"😉 ("It's my in-born nature")

I remember this conversation that happened a few years back. I was attending a workshop and it was the first session. To break the ice, we were split into 2-member groups. We had to introduce ourselves only through popular characters and the other person would guess our characteristics.

I introduced myself as Hermione, hoping the other person would say "bookworm, studious, sincere" etc. But to my surprise, along with these adjectives, she also added, "You are brave and strong. You have few friends but you would always be there for them". It felt so good to hear about these other qualities of Hermione that do match with mine.

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