Sep 13, 2023

Book Review: Why we are Who we are by Meetu Bisht


During quiet moments of life, our minds throw certain questions at us.

No, it is NOT always "What is the purpose of my life?"

These questions usually sound something like this:

"Why did this situation happen to me?"

"Why do I always get caught up in something like this?"

"Why am I like this?"

"Why is he/she like that?"

"Why do I possess (or lack) certain qualities?"

These questions are from our inner self, to gently nudge us to think about why we are who we are. Sometimes, we pay heed to those nudges and ask ourselves these deeper questions. But at most times, we ignore or distract ourselves, as these can get vague or uncomfortable.

In her new book "Why We Are Who We Are", Meetu Bisht helps us find answers to such questions. I read her first book "Living Spirituality" early this year. I found it very insightful as it clarified many misconceptions about spirituality. 

In her second book, she takes us on a journey to unravel our souls, our tendencies, and the Karmic mandates that we need to fulfill in our present lives.

In simple, lucid language without any complex terminologies, she helps the readers understand their inherent tendencies and the reasons that could have played a role in shaping their soul personality.

The book is divided into 3 sections.

The first section lays the foundation to understand the various aspects of the self - our soul, tendencies, karma, evolution, personality, roles, energy, and soul power. Each chapter is short and crisp, but filled with numerous insights that helped me find answers to certain questions. For eg, the chapter on balancing soul personality gave me so much clarity on certain tendencies of mine.

The second section dives into detail on 12 types of souls, their characteristics, situations being experienced and the expected karmic mandates to be fulfilled. As you read through the classification, you will start to relate closely with one (or a few) soul types. This section also helps one to associate our near and dear ones with their corresponding soul types, which would help us become more aware, conscious, and respectful of their individual journeys.

The third section gives more specific guidelines on improving our frequency and factors that help us perform our role well. The 100 Clues to High-Frequency and Low-Frequency Souls was a well-compiled list to reflect upon our strengths and weaknesses.

I was hoping to get more clarity on this point that I came across in another forum - that souls are born together in groups. But the topic of inter-soul relationships isn't covered in this book.

A few of my favorite lines:

"The tendencies of a soul influence the karma it performs, which, in turn, influences the soul's destiny."

"It is the energy of past karmic actions and tendencies that attracts the soul's present-lifetime experiences, lessons, struggles, and triumphs as well as its karmic mandate."

"Suffering is different from struggling as one can suffer, even when one does not need to."

"The more unconsciously and aimlessly we live, the more debts of karma we create."

"True gratitude is in accepting life as a whole, not just the bits and pieces."

If you are trying to understand your life journey and your nature in more depth, this book offers you valuable insights to become more self-aware and raise your soul power.

The author starts Chapter 1 with this quote - "Life is the person we become in the process". Through this book, she offers us a direction on how to approach this process with awareness, acceptance, and clarity.

P.S. This book was sent to me by the author. This review is my honest and unbiased feedback of the book.

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