Sep 12, 2023

Straddle between two paths

 Have you ever observed yourself trying to stand on two boats?

Straddle between two paths?

Keep your feet on two different walls?

Indecisive about which one to choose?

We end up in such a state when we are unable to make up our minds on what we want.

We also try to optimize, wanting the best of both worlds.

We desire to progress in both paths at the same time, creating a lot of self-inflicted pressure.

In such a scenario, we end up balancing 50:50 on both sides. 

It challenges us. 

It tests our capacities. 

It prevents us from giving our complete self to either one pursuit.

Then comes a point in life when one side starts to appeal to our inner self so much that we slowly start tilting towards it.

The balance now shifts to 60:40, 65:35, and then 70:30, favoring one side over another. Your foot is still placed on the 30% side, but not quite firm.

Even a tiny trigger can rattle you, forcing you to lose your balance.

The trigger can be a slightly challenging situation, a person's rude remarks or reasons that don't quite seem significant if analyzed from a logical point of view.

Such triggers are a way of the Universe telling you that it is time you make the choice and move both your feet toward one wall, one boat, and one path.

As I reflect on 2023, it seems to be the year when I finally decide to place my feet firmly on one wall and let go of the other, while expressing deep gratitude.

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