Sep 1, 2023

Learning Sanskrit

31st August is declared as World Sanskrit day.

Though I've been chanting Sanskrit shlokas since childhood, I never really got to learn the language - pronunciation, grammar, and meaning. It was neither part of the school curriculum (second/third language) nor it was given priority by family members.

At the age of 42, I have now started to get interested and want to learn the basics. It was quite serendipitous when the thought of learning Sanskrit got intense and the very same week, a kind gentleman dropped off his son's old Sanskrit textbooks at my doorstep.

Shlokas/Mantras produce a lot of positive energy vibrations when chanted using the right pronunciation.

If one needs to go deeper and understand our ancient scriptures and spiritual texts, a good grasp of Sanskrit becomes extremely handy.

There are enough resources available online for free.

Learning for the sheer pursuit of learning without any external pressure (grades, marks, certification, etc.) is such a calm and peaceful process.

Will share glimpses from this journey here in this space as and when possible.

If you have any recommendations/resources/advice on learning Sanskrit, please do share.


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