Nov 1, 2023

Be observant of your energy fluctuations

 This happened a few weeks back. It was around 6 PM and the rains started to pour all of a sudden. All through the afternoon, I had feelings of restlessness and agitation, manifesting as shallow breaths and faster heartbeats. I couldn't put a finger on why I was feeling this way. I couldn't pacify these minor energy turbulences through my routine evening prayers that day. Coincidentally, one of our cats Georgina started to howl on the balcony as the downpour became heavier. We let her inside our living room, along with her sister Octi. They both started to play fight and chase each other. As their restlessness increased, so did mine. K was busy attending a work call in his room and I didn't know how to manage these two hyper-active kitties.

Intuition pushed me to open the Spotify app and start playing a rendition of the 108 OM mantra. I sat down on the sofa and closed my eyes, meditating on the sound, voice, and the musical instrument. As the chanting progressed, our cats started to become calmer. Georgina sat very close to me, while Octi sat on a nearby chair. Within a few minutes, Georgina slept off as I continued to meditate. The chanting got over after 30 minutes and as I opened my eyes, it was so surreal to see the two kitties having calmed down and relaxed. And so was I. By then, the rains had stopped as well.

When K came out of his room, he was surprised to see me sitting with eyes closed and the two cats relaxed, along with OM chants playing in the background.

Having been closely living with cats, I have observed how they are very sensitive to energy vibrations. If there is something off or unusual, they can sense it very easily. The same sensitivity is available to us, humans as well. We are not able to interpret the energy within because we are so engrossed in the outer world and detached from our inner feelings and sensations.

Being conscious of our energy fluctuations is the first step before we can even attempt to identify and address the root causes. These fluctuations signal us to slow down, observe, and reconnect with our inner selves. External influences can be a huge contributing factor and through awareness, we can identify and protect our energies from disturbing sources.

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