Nov 16, 2023

Cricket memories

 It was Mar 1996. The men's cricket world cup had just started. My younger bro started watching a few matches. On one boring evening, I sat with him and watched an innings. It was Ind vs WI and Sachin scored a 70. That was my initiation into becoming a cricket fan! I was in 10th grade back then and it was time for final revision exams. While we were writing the exam, our Headmaster would announce match scores through a mic and we would cheer together in the exam hallπŸ™‚

From 1996 until mid-2002, I watched almost all cricket matches played by India - test matches and ODIs. I became a crazy Sachin fan. I remember jotting down his scores with a lot of detail (runs scored, balls, 4s, 6s) in a notebook after every match. Cricket was one of the many things that my bro and I bonded over (add Formula-1 and WWF to that list πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). We also spent a memorable day watching a test match in Chepauk stadium when Sachin hit a century (Ind vs Aus 2001).

I moved to Bangalore in 2002 for my first job. Though my interest was still intact, I couldn't follow cricket as much. Office Cafeteria TV and weekend gatherings at friends' homes were the other avenues. There used to be multiple occasions when I would seriously argue with friends and office colleagues about why Sachin was the best batsman of that time.

The 2011 World Cup was quite special, as I had the time and good company to enjoy all the matches. It was such a happy moment when India won the World Cup and the team lifted Sachin around the stadium. I cried so much during the last test match of Sachin, especially hearing his farewell speech.

Slowly, my interest waned off and I just didn't follow cricket for many years. I have no clue what happened in 2015 or 2019 World Cups. I wasn't following IPL / other T20 matches either. Frankly, I prefer ODIs over T20s.

This year, somehow the interest in cricket got revived thanks to the 2023 World Cup that is in progress. I've been following all India matches and it has been super special. K and I look forward to every match. We watch with so much screaming/shouting/cheering/clapping that D gives us an earful for making noise! 😁

As I watched the infamous runout clip of the Aus vs SA 1999 semi-final today, it just brought back all my memories. So many linked to cricket!

Pic: With my bro who introduced me to cricket. When we visited Dubai in 2017, this pic in front of Sharjah Cricket Stadium happened!

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