Dec 13, 2023

Book Review: Love and Family Life by Swami Rama

A trip to Blossoms allows me to stumble upon some gems of books that I wouldn't have normally known. One such impulse purchase was Swami Rama's
Love and Family Life - a secondhand copy for Rs.90. Having loved some of his other books, I picked this one without much thought.

In this book, he shares his perspectives on companionship, marriage, children, and the role of a family in shaping society. This book was written in 1992 and based on the examples, I presume it was written with a Western audience in mind. But most of the challenges and issues presented are very much applicable in modern India of today.

He first brings up the importance of a family and how it helps children learn the qualities of being caring, open, accepting, and selfless. He then explains how the institution of marriage helps one to evolve spiritually. The couple entering this phase gets an opportunity to learn and practice essential qualities needed to live with others - truthfulness, sincerity, faithfulness, patience, acceptance, tolerance, etc.

"If a person cannot live peacefully with one other person, how can he or she live harmoniously with all of humanity?", he poses a valid question.

In today's times, homes tend to become places where power struggles and ego battles are common. The author emphasizes that marital happiness has nothing to do with intellect. A point that was made in the movie "Irugapatru" as well!

He then moves on to the topic of parenting and its role in our spiritual path. The different stages of childhood, the role of parents in each stage, and how their participation (or lack of) impacts the holistic growth of a child - are so beautifully explained.

This statement on embracing responsibilities is a valuable one - "Accept the duties of life and learn to do them with love; these these duties will not enslave you. A duty done without love creates a feeling of obligation".

The last 20 pages of Q&A have some insightful pointers on the role of women. He says, "If there is any force that can change the course of humanity, it is women".

This book is just around 120 pages, but filled with relevant insights that are much needed for parents. Loved reading this book.

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