May 11, 2024

Derangement of Intellect

 "There is good in every bad" - We might have heard of this phrase in the context of positive thinking and looking for a good thing that turned up due to a bad incident/situation. For eg, let's say, you are stuck in a terrible traffic jam. You are tired and getting frustrated with the wait. You turn on your Spotify playlist and the Smart Shuffle feature belts out songs that you really love but haven't listened to in a long time. It makes you feel nostalgic and cheerful. The wait didn't seem so bad, after all.

Let me turn the tables - "There is bad in every good". Yes, you read that right! And this isn't negative thinking. This is a principle to be kept in mind in these times of kali yuga when adharmic activities are prevalent and most importantly, in those cases that don't seem that way when looked at from a surface-level view.

Let's say, you have got the offer for a job that you have been looking for - excellent pay, amazing perks, higher position of authority, larger team, grand vision, etc. Everything looks too good to be true on paper. After you take up the job, you get impacted by internal politics and ego battles by peers who block you at every step, causing extreme stress and anxiety.

The same is applicable for 

  • products we buy - all those junk foods marketed as healthy, all those herbal(?) cosmetics (with words like earth, nature, mama, green, etc) but containing harsh chemicals
  • services we avail - investment policy advisors who promise big returns on paper, self-proclaimed gurus who swear that they can make you enjoy your lives
  • discount offers and deals with a *Conditions apply hidden somewhere

The intent of this post is not to sound pessimistic, but to be aware of the choices we make every day. If something sounds too good to be true, let's question it, do our research, and analyze it from various angles. If someone promises tall claims, then question how they intend to deliver such claims and what's their plan of action.

This is the power of our "intellect", which is a gift given to all of us. Off late, we have neglected this gift or used it for purposes for which it is not intended (should I drink 3 liters or 5 liters of water per day?). 

The derangement of our intellect is an important issue, and many of us are not paying enough attention to address it. It is high time we take charge and look at all those interferences that block our intellect from performing to its full potential.

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