Jun 7, 2005

Proud to be a Harry Potter fan

If only God comes in front of me and asks for a wish, I would say that I want to join Hogwarts and become thick friends of Harry, Ron and Hermione whom I adore a lot. I have never thought that I would become so obsessed with fictional characters. They are portrayed in a more realistic manner by the writer J.K. Rowling.

I entered the Potter arena little later than the other fanatics. I still remember during college days when I used to take seminars, my classmates used to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone sitting at the back benches. I used to wonder what keeps them so interested than my seminar on microprocessors.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix got released when I was in US. The front page of the local newspaper had this picture of a group of freaky youngsters who looked bizarre with their copy of the new book. I realized that Harry Potter series are not meant for kids.

After coming back from US, I took the Harry Potter books from Karthi and started reading them. They were so gripping that I completed all the 5 books in a matter of 10 days. I can't believe that a person's imagination can go so far, hats off to Rowling.

Some people think that these books are just fictional stories on magic. But I totally deny it. The author has elucidated in many places the importance of friendship - I have never met friends like Harry,Ron and Hermione who are always together, sharing their joys and sorrows, yet completely different in character.

Quoting an instance from Goblet of Fire, towards the end of the book, Harry, Ron and Hermione along with Fred and George are returning back from Hogwarts. Harry has won the Triwizards Tournament and he has got 1000 galleons (money in magical terms). He hands over the money to Fred and George whose ambition is to start a joke shop selling all their inventions. While getting down the train, Harry says "Also get a good pair of clothes to Ron.". Very touching. I almost broke into tears after reading the last few lines of Goblet of Fire. Harry is at his best when Ron and Hermione are by his side.

Hermione is always plunged into books and her favourite hang out spot is the Hogwarts library. She gives the needed theoretical support to Harry. Ron on the other hand comes from a poor family. He is good at wizard chess and gives the moral support to Harry.

These three little kids are brave and clever. They don't follow the school rules, especially Harry and Ron. They always face challenges but with their friendship and witty minds, they always succeed.

I love the HP movies as well. Though not as elaborate as the books, they are well made, Prisoner of Azkaban in particular. I don't mind watching them over and over again.

All said and done.....I can't wait for the sixth book Half Blood Prince. It's gonna be a one helluva experience. Counting days for July 16th.....

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