Jun 9, 2005

Random Ramblings

Finally I have managed to pull my hubby into the world of blogging. Check out his blog here

Rain has always been amazing. I went out of my office to take an auto. The raindrops came pouring, to cool my heated brain. I got drenched and came back to my desk. I feel so fresh now. Just a few minutes back, I felt worn out, just wanted to get back home and sleep. I couldn't believe how a few droplets of rain could have such an enthralling effect.

One of my dreams is to visit Cherrapunji, the place in North Eastern India which receives the highest rainfall. Speaking of dreams, I recently came across an article (forwarded from a colleague) which lists down 127 dreams of a person by name John Goddard. He had formed this list at the age of 15. Now he is 72 and guess what !!! He has accomplished 109 of his dreams. Can you believe it? Some of his dreams are very wild, yet he managed to achieve them. When I go over his article, I feel so positive about life. There is definitely a purpose to our existence and to find that purpose, we need to do a lot of experiments. Lying in our cosy, comfort zones will never take us anywhere.

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