Jun 22, 2005

Questions, Questions and more Questions....Answers please!!!

Why is it that many youngsters (including me) are now talking about the meaning of life, our karma, purpose of existence, philosophy etc etc? Are the present youth slowly moving towards spirituality? Why do so many questions flash in and out of our minds? Is it a transmutation from youth to adulthood?

Religion has always stressed on "Good defeats bad in the end", "You pay for your deeds" and many more. Interestingly, these idealogies are present in Bhagavat Gita, Bible as well as the Quran. The basic life principles are the same in all the religions. Yet , religious leaders fight over trivial matters like the construction of temple v/s mosque in Ayodhya. Yes....I find this very issue very trivial. What are those leaders going to achieve by fighting over this? It only shows the egoistic attitude of who succeeds in the construction. When will the retribution shows towards each other in the name of religion end?

Democracy....one more topic which triggers a lot of questions in me. First question - Is democracy needed in our country? It was set up for a good cause but are we not misusing it? Because of this so-called-gift, we are exercising the freedom of speech, freedom of writing, freedom of everything. No....I'm not trying to conduct a Civics class here. Do we spare a second of thought before throwing that just-finished icecream cup in the middle of the road? Do we dare to Do we throw the same in the centre of our living room? Most probably not, because we would want to keep our house clean OR we are scared of our mummy/wife's scowl. Why do people's minds are so self-centric, their minds cannot think beyond their family,friends and relatives?

What does "India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters" mean to us, the mundane morning pledge in school? If each of us consciously make an effort to inculcate this statement in our minds, how will our country be? Just imagining this makes me feel so delighted. Population is both a boon and a bane to our nation. Man power is the most powerful as well as the most destructive energy source on earth.
How are we going to tackle this population explosion? Wherever you go especially in the cities, it's heavily crowded, which leads to traffic jams, queues and chaos. Population density is increasing at an alarming rate in the metros. Why? Is it because of unemployment in villages? Why do so many people migrate to cities? Reasons could be a better life style, good earning opportunities. Why can't these factors be made available in the villages? I firmly believe that villagers have a much better life style. They are healthy, well-disciplined and peace loving people.

Guess I have prattled much today. Will bombard you with many more questions soon. Whoever reading this article has answers to my questions, I would be glad to hear them. Please post your answers.

Jai Hind.

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