Jan 2, 2006

A different experience

Have you ever met a doctor who is patient (not the noun but the adjective), friendly, humorous and down-to-earth? I had the opportunity to meet one such doctor in Mallya hospital last Saturday. I had taken my father for a health checkup and happened to meet this lovely lady, Dr.Sharada.

As we entered her consultation room, handing over the reports, she said "Tell me my dear beautiful sir, explain your problem". I started explaining in English and she interrupted me, asking in Tamil whether my father will not speak. I was taken aback. Then she explained slowly that the person who had come to meet the doctor should explain and not the one who has accompanied him. She gives a valid reason that the elder person will not be able to understand his health problem if the doctor and the person's relative have a conversation, neglecting the patient.

She perused through the reports and asked my father if he will be able to understand what she is going to explain. I was wondering how people like us would be able to understand some complex medical jargon. She drew a picture and explained in such simple words interspersed with local slang and humour that even a small child can understand. Whatever she said , be it the prescriptions or food items to avoid, she had written everything on her prescription letter in a neat and understandable writing. Usually only the doctor himself and the person at the pharmacy will be able to understand such cryptic handwritings. She is such a different doctor. Her actions show her dedication and passion towards her work. We need more such doctors in order to alleviate the fear that people have for doctors and hospitals.

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