Jan 18, 2006

Returning from hibernation

Spring is here. No more thick blankets and sweaters atleast for another 6 months. Fully blossomed colourful flowers and a pleasant weather to be enjoyed. Love is in the air (Valentine's day is coming close !!)

I had left my blog unattended for almost 2 weeks. Work pressure, confusions, movies, throat infections, festivals, investments and ofcourse lots of sleep kept me away from my lovely friend, my blog.

I don't want to rant about my work pressures and deadlines now. There are many more things to write about.

Confusions, doubts, self-talk, questions and searching for answers. My mind loaded with all of these and trying to figure out and understand myself. I can relate my current state of mind to that of Biju's. Read his beautiful narration here.

I managed to catch up with two wonderful movies - King Kong and Kanda Naal Mudhal in the past 2 weeks. I have never seen such a magnificent English movie like King Kong. Being a not-so-good follower (rather, appreciator) of Hollywood movies, this movie amazed me from the beginning till the very end. Many scenes were so spooky that I closed my eyes and watched through a tiny hole between my fingers. The chimp looks so real. Towards the end, I felt that I should have such a monkey as a friend, very protective, possessive and also human. No way, it can be called a beast. The guy who has acted as the director of the play (let me know if you know his name!!!) is superb. I was very impressed by his performance, especially his eye expressions in the movie "School of Rock".

A fresh breeze after a series of split personality, multiple personality disorder, short term memory loss based Tamil movies is the simple, down-to-earth love story, Kanda Naal Mudhal. The director Priya proves that she is indeed Manirathnam's assistant director, be it the witty cute dialogues, costumes or the songs. Amazing. The hero Prasanna stands out for his incredible dialogue delivery and casual acting flow. To say in Tamil, alattal illadha nadippu (Vijay, are you listening? ). Laila is ok, her lip movements never synchronize with the actual words. I felt Asin would have done a better job, especially in the fighting scenes with the hero. The other hero, Karthik Kumar doesn't have any significant role in the movie. Neither he looks good nor he knows to act. He didn't do a good job even in those few scenes offered to him. This movie is still worth watching for Prasanna's dialogues, Laila's costumes and most important, Yuvan's splendid music. My mind is still humming "lai lai lai merke merke suriyan" song.

Pongal came as a nice break after a hectic week. I had actually planned to make many new dishes and invite friends. But I was down with cold and cough that I only managed to make sweet Pongal and a normal lunch and spent the rest of the day watching the "Indhiya Thollaikatchigalil mudhal muraiyaga" movies.

Just like how the pressure builds up during examination days in school and college, I experienced something similar while running around for investment proofs and receipts and somehow managed to submit on time. Every year, I say to myself that I will plan well in advance and not do the tax planning in the last moment but it never happens. Let's see what happens next year.

I'm having lots of fun at Yoga classes. Will write a detailed post on that soon.

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