Jan 23, 2006

Idea manifesting into action

Have been thinking about this for the past one week. Trying something new. Finding answers to questions. Stepping out of my circle. There are so many unexplored, unknown things to me which I plan to find out and understand. I feel this exercise is going to help me understand the big picture and discover my to-be-nurtured talents. This is what I plan to do.

I'm going to take up a question or topic everyday and find out the answer or the importance of it in day-to-day life. The topic might range from space, geology, personalities, economics, inventions, human body, art to many more, anything and everything that intrigues me and triggers my thought process. I plan to INVEST 15 to 30 min everyday on this exercise. Yes, INVEST. Usually, we say "I spent 3 hours reading a book". If the activity helps you in some way, be it gathering new information or even relaxation or a hobby, I feel we should re-phrase it to "I invested 3 hours reading a book". Time management is analogous to wealth management, isn't it?.

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