Mar 22, 2006

An ode to the most precious

If only
you could smell
how good I have
started to cook

If only
you could walk
how beautiful would
be my nearby park

If only
you could sing
how colourful would
be this dull evening

If only
you could touch
how relaxed would
be my tired body

If only
you could understand
how I miss
your hands caressing my hair

If only
you could talk
how strong
I can face my challenges

If only
you could see
how my smile
can never be permanent

If only
you could realize
how life can
be tough without you

If only
you could hear
how far my
"I miss you, mom" can reach

If only
you could live
how different
my days would be.....


Bijesh said...


IMHO, there's always someone who can take another's place.. not completely but in parts..

Skely said...

Seconding Biju's comments.

ck said...

I am sure she is up there watching and proud.

very touching poem Anu.

Anonymous said...

nice from the heart..

Anu, on a lighter side, i think 25 is old enough not to miss one, but to be one :-)

(err..was that a bad joke? then please delete this)

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