Mar 14, 2006

An utter disappointment

Being an ardent Rahman fan, I'm very much disappointed with his latest work "Godfather", definitely on the same league as Ah Aah. Except for the one song "Theeyil Vizhunda" sung by the genius himself, all other songs sound very average. Two songs have been remixed, only to increase the count of songs in this album. The remaining two folk songs "Diwali" and "kamma karaiyil" are worse than the remix songs.

The only worthwhile song to listen to is "Theeyil Vizhunda". Rahman has rendered his beautiful pitch variations, very similar to "Santhosha Kanneere" from "Uyire". The rest of the album is below ordinary. Music directors like Yuvan and Harris are doing very well these days. But the sad part is that the genius who took Tamil film music to great heights is performing poorly.

His latest in Hindi "Rang De Basanti" was quite good, though not upto his mark. I also liked a couple of his songs in the flop movie "Bose". But his recent Tamil movies are going worse day by day. Until he comes back to his form, let me listen to his ever-green melody "kannukku mai azhagu". I bet I can listen to it a thousand times.....

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