Mar 29, 2006

What is happiness?

Statutory warning : You are bound to get confused and your thought processes might undergo a serious change when you read this post.

A big question for which I'm searching an answer. I know that the meaning of happiness varies from person to person. But I'm pondering on what happiness means to me. Or what happiness meant to me so far in my life? I'm undergoing a change within myself. My definition for happiness is bound to change.

In these past years of my life, my happiness was always dependent on success, achievement, objects or people closer to me.

When I eat soan papdi, I feel happy. But if the supply of sugar is stopped through out the world, is my happiness lost?

When I stood first in my school, I felt happy. What if there was only one person in this whole world (or two, myself and the one who gave my scores)? Will I still be happy?

When I am with people whom I love the most, I feel happy and comfortable. But the golden rule of life is that it has to meet death face to face some day. This rule applies to every life. The earlier we accept this fact, the better we would be prepared to face the deadly monster called death. What will happen to my happiness then?

When I sleep in my bed for long hours, I feel happy. I love sleeping. But will I be happy when I take my life's longest sleep now?

As told by our teacher in Art of Living course, being happy is our normal state and we do not need anything to be happy. I imagine myself sitting on the floor on an empty, dark room alone. There is nothing inside the room apart from the four walls. I am in company with myself. Will I be happy? No way. I would feel miserable and in the end, turn mad.

I find happiness in the small flower blossomed in my garden.
I find happiness in the serene sunset and the evening sky that I get to watch these days.
I find happiness in the bright face of the kids playing in the park.
I find happiness when I chat with my family members and friends.

They are just short bursts of beautiful time. What happens after those few minutes? Why do I base my happiness on the presence of nature, books, music and people whom I love the most?

I still couldn't find an answer. What is happiness, my readers?

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