Jan 20, 2007

Cell phones - changed us!

Ten years back, we only had these landline phones and suddenly,cell phones arrived at such an affordable price. Our lives are not the same any longer. I've been observing certain peculiar behaviour with people using cell phones these days.

Let's say a person A who is sitting in a train starts to fiddle with his cell phone as he is feeling bored. Either he is playing a game or typing a message. The person sitting opposite to him takes out his cell phone and starts fiddling with his cell phone too.

When someone hears an SMS arrival tone, atleast two people will take out their phones from their pockets and check if they have got any message, though they might not even have felt the vibration.

There is a very less probability that two phones will have the same ring tone. We have become crazy about ringtones and also the latest in the entry, hello tunes. My brother used to have this song "Vaadi Vaadi kaippadaadha CD" from the Tamil movie Sachin as his hello tune. I wonder how his boss would have reacted when he tried to call him.

A couple of days back, one of my colleagues has left his cell phone at his desk and gone somewhere. His phone started ringing and guess what,his ring tone was "Let the music play". A good irony! The music was indeed playing again and again.

A few years ago, when you talk to yourself while walking on the road, people would stare at you as though you are mad. But these days, it's assumed that you are using a hands-free set.

Mobile revolution is here to stay. Let's see how much this device can change our lives.

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