Jan 21, 2007

Does popularity bring arrogance?

This question came to my mind when I visited a famous idli shop in Chennai recently. We ordered for idli and the waiter served just the idlis. We were waiting for chutney for a while and then we asked the waiter. "Wait pannunga sir" was his reply. After a few minutes, he brought the chutney. Before paying the bill, we decided to take some parcels home. This was the waiter's reply - "Idha munnaadiye kettirukalamale?" (Can't you ask for this before?). We were shocked. What's his problem? If he feels stressful about his work, then he should talk to his boss and not show his anger towards the customers. We had visited this place a few times now and the waiters' responses have always been arrogant. I agree that the place is always crowded and the waiters are on their toes all the time. But the customers are not to be blamed for that. It's the hotel management's responsibility to hire more waiters and more efficient cooks. I'm pretty sure if the same arrogant attitude continues, then this place is going to lose all it's customers and close the shop soon.

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