Jan 20, 2007

A trip to school

How would you feel when you go back to the school where you started your primary education, after a span of 17 years? How would you react when you meet the teacher who taught you the alphabets and nursery rhymes and who still teaches in the same school? I got to experience these feelings last Saturday when I visited my primary school.

The small place which helped me take big steps in my life! Seeing the little children in non-uniform dress (no uniform dress on Saturday), hearing the same ringing bell that I used to yearn for so I could go back home and play, meeting the same lady who maintains the school premises, speaking to Ruby miss who is my LKG class teacher, seeing my headmaster, the "Big Master" who has become old but the same scary voice - wow, what an experience it was! He was so happy to see me. He spoke with us (My hubby, my cousin and me) for nearly two hours. Unfortunately my headmistress wasn't there in school that day. It would have been nice to meet her after so long. Anyway, I'm glad I took this trip down memory lane.

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