Feb 7, 2007


My contribution to Sunday Scribblings - #44 Chronicles

The door opened. A neat grass path was stretching to a distance well beyond the horizon, luring one to take the plunge. She took a step forward and then turned back to admire the beauty of her home. She repeated this sequence until her lovely wood house became a tiny, little dot. Her steps were smooth and slow while her feet felt the fresh dew drops on the grass. Amazed by the distance she has walked, she stopped for a while, letting her mind to take in all the minute details of the surroundings. The tall trees and the tiny squirrels running around, thick green bushes and the white rabbits peeping to see the new entrant in the woods, the narrow stream of clear water running steadily and the dotted dears quenching their thirst with their tongues dipped in the stream, the colourful flowers and the bees around them to taste the pure honey drops and last, but not the least, a small, beautiful hut at a reachable distance towards her left. She was feeling anxious to walk towards the hut and explore. While a part of her mind warned her to go back, another part suggested her to continue the straight walk she had been taking for hours. At some point, choices become too much to handle. She has not two but three of them now. "Should I?", she pondered, with three equally good, alluring choices.

The little hut and the beautiful garden beckoned her. She made a choice after a good time of thought. Taking slow footsteps, she reached the front door. Sensing the presence of someone inside the hut, she knocked at the door carefully. She couldn't believe her eyes. Dazzled by the beauty of the young lady, she stood near the doorstep in awe. "Hello, dear. Come inside and make yourself comfortable. Looks like you have travelled a long distance", she was welcomed by a kind voice and was treated to a sumptuous meal - fruits, veggie salads and refreshing juices. After her hunger was sated, it was time to take a look around the hut. Little did she know, she was in for a visual treat as well. Well decorated walls with a palette of colours, variety of paintings of different kinds and one-of-the-kind wooden furnitures arranged amidst indoor plants placed neatly around the room. Towards the corner was a well-arranged bookshelf with books on mythology, kids fiction, fantasy etc. She picked up a book and started reading it, sitting on a cushion made of soft cloth material. A gentle breeze gave her the company while the lady, the owner of the house fell asleep in that quiet, lazy afternoon.

After a few hours, the lady woke up and asked "Do you wish to accompany me to the fruit orchard? We need to pick some stuff for dinner". She obliged and followed the lady, observing the little basket in her hands. They walked for sometime, watching the stream becoming a flowing river and finally, turned out to be a huge waterfall. "I want to go near the fall", she said. As she moved closer, she could feel the water droplets sprinkle on her face. She moved a few steps further and felt the gushing water hit forcefully on her head. Enjoying the shower to the maximum, she felt fresh. All she wanted to do was to just stand there and have fun. The lady shouted, "It's time to go. Come back". "Ten more minutes. This waterfall is amazing." She replied. "Waterfall? Are you dreaming inside the bathroom? How much time do you take to shower? I suppose you want to empty the whole water tank. Don't you understand the water scarcity problem in Chennai?", Divya's mom shouted on top of her voice from the kitchen. "Can't a person be allowed to have a peaceful shower?", cribbed Divya.

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