Feb 8, 2007

Good bye

My contribution to Sunday Scribblings #45 - Goodbyes

How many times have we used this word - Good bye? We have said this to people, to memories, to incidents, to places and to different phases of our lives. Some of them might return while many will not. I especially wonder about the concept of saying good bye to life's various phases. Why can't I just stay in a phase which I like, which I feel happy about? Why do I have to move to another phase? Out of compulsion, out of necessity, out of experiencing change - People give different reasons. I prefer the reason to be growth. As one grows and starts to experience new paradigms, naturally one has to leave behind old thoughts and memories. They are not gone completely but archived somewhere deep within. They provide the much needed experience to face the new world and new people. Good bye is indeed a necessity and not an option if you want to go through the phases of growth.

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