Feb 12, 2007

An experiment on a quiet day

I have never experienced a quiet day like today in Bangalore. The streets usually noisy with honking cars and bikes were absolutely empty. I wish the roads would be as peaceful as today. This quiet scenario motivated me to try a few new recipes. I'm pretty confident of preparing meals, both North and South Indian. But making an evening snack is one area that I need to work on. I haven't tried out anything new apart from the usual Bajjis, popcorn and onion vadas. Being an avid reader of food blogs, I decided to try out cabbage vada from this site.

Strictly following the recipe instructions line by line, I chopped the cabbage and onions, ground the masala paste, made round balls and dipped in rawa. Only then I realized that the vegetable quantity used was more than that of the masala paste, which resulted in veggies getting strewn all over rawa. I couldn't grip it into one nice round ball. "Oh my God! Am I gonna waste so much of veggies? Oh no! The rawa also has some pieces of veggies. Do I have to throw that as well?", I started to think. In order to make the paste into balls, I need a binding agent. I pick the gram flour (besan) and made into a smooth paste. The masala has became very mushy now. There's no way I can make balls using this liquid paste. "Will mixing the rawa help? Anyway, I have to throw the damp rawa. What worse can happen if I mix this as well?", I thought. I mixed everything together. Still I couldn't get the consistency of a vada paste. It's time to change tracks. My dosa tawa came to my rescue. I poured out the final paste into small, flat dosas. It might be difficult to believe but it tasted very good. My hubby said it looked like scrambled eggs. "Muttaigos vada"(Cabbage vada) resembled a "muttai omlette" (Egg omlette).

In the end, I whipped out something new and this definitely goes into my personal recipe collection :-)

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