Apr 17, 2007

Cut, cut, cut......

Time is flying at a brisk pace. No wonder, it's already April 17th. I'm contemplating on things I see, topics I discuss with friends, situations I face and minutes I while away in useless thoughts. I'm wondering about the sudden downpour on a sultry summer evening in Bangalore, followed by the continuous power cuts. These days, you cannot claim this as a "power cut". The power goes off for hours,comes back and then goes away for hours. This cycle keeps repeating for the past few weeks ever since we started experiencing a glimpse of summer. Is the Electricity Board playing hide and seek with common people? Whether the concerned authorities are taking any action or not, definitely God has understood and thanks to him, the evenings are cooler these days.

I understand the need for power cuts when there is a shortage, especially in summer. I'm thinking of a solution that can be proposed to the Electricity Board. Let's say, the power has to be cut for 2 hours everyday. The individual in every house can choose a block of 2 hours in a day of 24 hours. If a simple device could be designed, it would be useful to program the input of 2 hours every day since the requirements of power in every household would vary depending on the day. For instance, I might not need power during the afternoons in weekdays and in the mornings over the weekends. If a block of 2 hours was not set, by default the power will be cut from 10 PM to 12 AM. As a long term solution, we will have to think of alternate sources of energy if we need to sustain with the current supply and increasing demands. The time is not far when the hand fans used by our grandmothers become a fashion statement.

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