Apr 1, 2007

The longest break

from the blogging world! It's been almost a month since I rambled something in this space. Every morning (during my journey to work), I think that I should write about this and that but the minute I reach office, all such thoughts and plans vanish. Work continues through out the day and I ask myself during my return journey from work why I didn't pen down my thoughts. I get the urge to open my laptop in the cab and start pouring the words on notepad before the next day begins and the same cycle continues. I also realize that I haven't completed reading a single book in the past three months. Again, the longest break in my reading. I do have my career goals and ambitions but in order to pursue them, do I need to sacrifice my interests and hobbies?

It was a busy March and many things have happened in the past few weeks. Some happy moments, some sad and I'm not in a mood to write about any of them. I just hope that I come back to my usual self soon. Most importantly, I don't want my interests to take a back seat. I need to take a look at my dusty bookshelf, read a book, try out a few new recipes, update my photos on flickr, start a photo blog (a long pending idea), update my reading list, write for Sunday scribblings, plan for the next weekend getaway etc etc. The list is endless. All I have to do is squeeze in 30 minutes everyday to work on these items.

PS : I saw the cover of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows, the last in the series. Can't wait to get hold of the book. July 21st, how far are you?

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