Mar 5, 2007


It's a Saturday night. You have already had a nice afternoon nap for two hours. Your friend who was chatting with you has gone back home. You have surfed through channels enough. You are in no mood to watch an awards ceremony in Sony Max. Your dusty book shelf is not alluring. Your hubby seems to be experimenting with kubuntu installation on the home PC. What do you do? Why not watch a movie in a cable channel which you haven't watched at all? After all, you are intrigued by the "loosu penne" song. So what if the movie has passed the intermission stage?

I did watch the latter half of the movie "Vallavan" and a new realization has dawned on me. I feel I have understood the eternal truth. The truth that there couldn't be a worse movie ever made in the history of world cinema. Thanks, Mr.Simbu for helping me realize this fact. I'm so grateful to you. I really admire the guts in you to make such a crappy movie and on top of that, showing a placard in the end "to be continued". What a confidence you have in yourself and the viewers that they will come and watch your second part of the movie if you ever find a producer again!

Reema Sen as a school girl is in itself indigestible and her maturish, threatening voice(God knows who dubbed for her!) is totally absurd. I have only seen Simbu imitating Rajni but in this movie, he is imitating Vijay's mannerisms and has copied the typical background score you get to hear in a Vijay movie. The threatening scenes between Simbu and Reema Sen are simply hilarious. They have succeeded in making a comedy movie if that was their intention. The hero's friends and the heroine keep shouting "Valla" again and again (Or is it "Palla"?). I can't imagine how the first half would have progressed. As my brother suggested, 'From now on, I'll start to appreciate even the bad movies because the worst has come and gone".

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