Mar 1, 2007

Magic repeats once more

I'm referring to the magical music of Harris and Gowtham combo and their recent musical flick "Pachaikkili Muthucharam". The music seems to be very romantic and peppy. I hope the picturization will be good. I wasn't very impressed with the songs picturization of "Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyadu".

"Kaadhal konjam" sung by Naresh Iyer is a peppy dance number that sets the mood to tap your feet and dream about an imaginary world of love and only love. That's how I felt. The lyrics suit perfectly to the beats. It's a beautiful song for a long drive, I would say.

"Unakkul Naane" gets repeated by two different singers - first by Bombay Jayashree and then by Madhushree. I like the Bombay Jayashree song better as her voice moulds well with the tune. Is it some kind of a lucky charm that she sings in every Harris movie? Who cares? All her songs are enchanting. The bad part about Madhushree's song is her horrible pronounciation. For instance, the very first line where she uses a small l instead of a big L in "ullaththai naan sollava". It just spoils the opening. Another instance where she uses a small na instead of a big Na in the phrase "ranamum then allava". Though she has a great voice, she doesn't focus on the lyrics.

The highlight of the album is a slow, romantic melody "Unn siripinil" sung by Gowthami Rao and Robby. It's a perfect song to listen in a quiet evening. This has captured my liking from the time I heard it first and been playing it repeatedly since. As it is sung at a low tone, it's quite difficult to catch the lyrics in the first few listens. I love songs where there is no mixing of words borrowed from other languages. That's the reason why my favorite lyricist is Thaamarai these days. This song is a good example with some nice, not-so-commonly used Tamil words like vanappu, vanjame, theeya etc.

"Karu karu vizhigalaal" sung by Naresh Iyer again along with Karthik is another peppy song. I would rate this as my last favorite in the album. The tune sounds very ordinary and not so special. Anyday, this song is much better than those we get to hear these days in the form of gaana and hero praising ones (You know what I mean?). Overall, the album is worth listening and has a few good numbers.

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