Mar 2, 2007


My contribution to Sunday Scribblings #49 - Superstition

I'm not a very superstitious person and that leaves me a chance to scoff at people who believe in superstitions. My grandma believed in many of them and I used to question her a lot. Although she couldn't give proper explanation, I enjoyed poking her with my logic.

She always used to say that whenever a group of people leave the house, they shouldn't leave in a batch of three. So my dad and I used to leave first and then my brother used to follow after a few minutes. I never get the logic behind this. And ofcourse, I don't understand the most famous raghu kaalam and yamakandam timings being followed strictly in most of the homes. Though I don't remember any such timings, I can never forget the raghu kaalam timing on a sunday which is between 4.30 and 6 PM. Whenever we planned to go out on a leisurely Sunday evening, we had to leave by 4 PM and not later than that.

I had a strange habit in my early teens. I used to eat handfuls of raw rice quite often. Somehow I liked the raw, crispy taste very much during those days. My grandma used to warn me that it will rain heavily on the day of my marriage. I used to neglect her warnings and reply casually that many invitees will not be able to attend my wedding if it rains and we can save some money. Her warning failed and there wasn't any rain on my wedding day.

I don't think the present generation has many superstitious beliefs as it used to be during our grand parents' days. It's good and bad in both ways - good in the sense that people have started asking logical reasoning behind every action and that leaves less room for people who spread false messages in the society; bad because the opportunity to share hearty laughs with our grandparents is lost.

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