Mar 5, 2007

Am in the driver's seat

Yipppeee....cleared my learner's license test today after flunking once. I feel so relieved as though I've cleared CAT. Most of the questions were scenario based. It's not enough to just remember the traffic signs and signals. This test not only tests your traffic knowledge but also tests your English reasoning skills. Can you believe there were options like "50:50", "little similar", "somewhat similar" etc? You need to make sense out of such ambiguous questions, eliminate two options and choose the right answer. I hope the driving license test will be better and they don't ask me to draw a 11 on the road.

Seriously, do drivers follow the traffic rules such as "Do not overtake from the left; Leave a 2 second gap between the vehicle in front of you; when pedestrians cross the road, wait until everyone crosses the road; when the red light is blinking, stop the vehicle, see if any other vehicle is approaching from the opposite end and then proceed; The vehicle that arrived first in a junction takes the precedence; if an auto driver says he cannot take you to a specific place, then he can be fined Rs.100" ? I can't imagine how Bangalore roads would look if everyone follows the rules.

One thing I hate so much is the fact that the impatient two wheelers who cannot wait for the traffic signal step onto the uneven pedestrian path and honk at you as though as you are walking in the middle of the road. Wish I could just slap them left and right. Where are people supposed to walk then? I don't understand why people rush through so much. What are they going to benefit?

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