Apr 10, 2007

Flavours of the summer

The queen of fruits, my most favorite, summer special! No points if you have already guessed it right. I'm talking about mangoes. Yesterday, I tasted a delicious, juicy mango for the first time this summer. Doctors and dieticians suggest taking fruits rather than fruit juices. I completely agree with them. To enjoy the taste to the fullest, I suggest that you follow these steps - Cut a mango into three slices, with the centre slice being the seed. Start eating the two big slices. Don't worry if the juice drips down on your palms. God has given something special called a tongue to lick the trickling juice. Then finish off the pulp from the seed with no trace of pulp left. Heaven! One kg of normal mangoes - Rs.50, one kg of Alphonso mangoes - Rs.130, the relishing experience - priceless! Mangoes taste awesome with plain curd rice as well.

Summer time is also special for other reasons; water melons and musk melons, refreshing tender coconut water, noongu (don't know the English word. This is taken from palmyra tree and looks like litchi), spicy butter milk, endless glasses of fresh lime juices etc. The weekend special was chilled Apple lassi although I'm not really a big fan of lassi. After taking a sip in the sultry afternoon, I felt so refreshed. The only thing that I miss terribly is the summer vacation. All I can do is read this post of mine and feel nostalgic. I'm so jealous of my little cousins now.

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