Sep 22, 2009

Anything for you, ma'am

The first 50 odd pages were slow. The plot was going back and forth and it wasn't intriguing enough. But after crossing this initial hurdle, Tushar Raheja's debut novel "Anything for you, ma'am" is a humorous and interesting story. My hubby gifted me this book for my birthday. I hope he really meant the title :-) The Monday break for Ramzan provided me the right opportunity to catch up on this unputdownable novel.

The protagonist Tejas is an IIT student who is not studious and loves to play pranks whenever he gets an opportunity. That's where the similarity with "Five Point someone" ends. What follows is a hilarious narration of Tejas's journey that would enable him to meet his love, Shreya. The coincidences and ironies that Mr.Fate throws up on our poor hero makes one feel very pity for him but at the same time, these twists are what makes the storyline very interesting. His encounters with Prof.Pappi, the master plan he chalks out to skip his industrial tour, the eventful train journey and the people he gets to meet eventually ties the loose ends together. The "Bio Bull" bus also has an important role to play. I had a good time reading through the pages of Tejas's life journey. His narration makes me believe that life is interesting when there are these ups and downs and one gets to share these interesting anecdotes through life's novel. I highly recommend this book for its well connected plot and funny dialogues.

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