Sep 9, 2009

Unexpected visitor

My contribution to 3WW

A quiet, peaceful evening
monsoon rains simmered down,
TV volume blaring away
wrapping up a homely supper

a screeching sound out of the blue
I look around puzzled,
moving in the direction of noise
he peeks under the washing machine

the tiny mouse well engaged
on the slab with anxious looks,
he shakes the contraption violently
standing beside him, I start to scream

the little devil runs into my kitchen
confused and scared, hops on my spice containers
a state of mayhem, I run to a safe place,
the mouse giving me a chase

slamming the door hard
my voice still screaming,
the little brat more scared
than ever, hiding behind

"I am not disarmed", I convince myself
the shrieking scream to the rescue
he laughs, watching my reaction
towards the unexpected new visitor

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