Nov 15, 2022


Sip your favorite beverage and read this post slowly :-)

 "An idle mind is devil's workshop" - I wrote about this quote two years back. I shared why being in a state of constant busyness isn't the right way to address the repercussions of where our thoughts might take us.

I have also realized something contrary this year.

Our mind loves to solve problems by default. These could be related to our work, career, education, relationships, health, parenting, community, etc.

Observe your thoughts on a random day - see how many problems your mind brings up to the conscious level. For some people like me, this amounts to a large number. It could be due to our childhood conditioning, thought patterns, and beliefs.

On days when there are no significant problems to solve, our mind blows up a small issue into a large problem. If we are not aware, we end up nitpicking on minor issues and creating conflict in our relationships.

A casual, snide remark from a dear family member that doesn't deserve too much attention might occupy our awareness for the entire day.

An irritating habit of a family member might create too much stress that we might end up starting an argument.

A minor health issue might make us feel super worried about possible complications.

A child's playful act that ended up creating a mess might become a bigger yelling episode.

This year, I worked for a startup until May, took a break in June-Aug, and moved on to another startup in Sept.

During those 3 months, though I was engaged in my interests (reading, writing, Yoga) for a few hours everyday, I observed that my mind was nitpicking on minor issues. The resulting emotions were either irritation, anger, or worry.

I also noticed that during the months while I'm actively working, my mind has enough intellectual problems to solve that are related to my work. I feel a little easy and more relaxed about the other minor issues and learned to accept and let go without too much thinking.

It doesn't necessarily have to be WORK/EMPLOYMENT per se. Engaging in any activity you are passionate about - anything that helps you stay focused and stimulated for significant time in a day - puts you in the right frame of mind. You tend to let go of minor irritants and focus on the big picture.

Of course, it goes without saying that we don't swing into the other extreme of being in a chronic state of hustle mode and busyness.

Let's identify and strike that balance!

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