Nov 26, 2022

Book Review: Udalin Mozhi by Umar Farook

 There are different ways to reinforce our learning and understanding - we can read the same books that made an impact OR we can hear the same perspectives shared by different authors. My motivation to pick up this Tamil book "Udalin Mozhi" (Language of the body) stems from the second category.

The author Accu Healer Umar Farook explains how we interfere with the natural functioning of our body and how we let toxins accumulate within.

There are multiple forms of external interventions that we have agreed to bring into our lives.

  • synthetic nutritional supplements
  • choosing foods based on specific nutrients
  • taking pills and painkillers that suppress the language through which our body communicates its needs
  • excessive sterilizing and disinfecting due to fear of germs

The author points out how we have been ignoring the basic communication signals from our body - hunger and thirst. The search for understanding the world external to us has preoccupied our minds so much, that we have lost touch with our bodies.

It's not our choices of foods, rather how we eat and when we eat are the crucial factors that determine our digestive ability.

He reiterates the importance of eating only when hungry, chewing the food slowly, avoiding water while eating, and being conscious of not overeating.

Our interferences also come in the way of our children's health through our incessant search for supplemental/healthy foods to speed up growth.

The key takeaways for me from this book

  • Accumulation of toxins is the breeding ground of diseases.
  • Our body tries to eliminate toxins in multiple ways, but we intervene in this natural process.
  • Our body internally manufactures the necessary nutrients it needs from the food we provide. We undermine this ability by overly focusing on individual nutrients from external sources.

Do check out this interesting book if health is a topic of interest to you.

P.S. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

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