Nov 16, 2022

Comfort Movies

 The onset of winter is making me reach for something warm and cozy. Yesterday, I shared a pic of my comfort beverage. Will write about comfort food, comfort books, and comfort music some other time.

Today's post is all about comfort movies. As I think about movies that have a high repeat value for me, Vinnaithaandi Varuvayaa, Swades, Wake up Sid, and Mouna Raagam come to the top of my mind.

There is also an exclusive collection of movies that I absolutely cherish. I may not watch them often, but whenever I do, the emotions they bring out are of the same intensity as when I watched them for the first time. This collection I'd like to call - Doordarshan(DD) movies or the 70s Bollywood.

Classic movies, brilliant acting, soothing music, memorable dialogues.

For the past few days, I have been watching one such classic - "Anand" (It is rare these days that I watch a full movie in one sitting, it takes a few sessions!🙂 )

I remember watching it for the first time back in the 80s on a Saturday evening in DD1. Though I knew the story and the ending, I have watched this eternal classic so many times. What powerful acting by Rajesh Khanna! He makes you laugh, cry, and ponder about life and death in the way he utters those beautiful dialogues. And he is so aptly supported by Amitabh Bachchan. The story takes you on a roller coaster ride. As I watched the last 15 minutes today, I cried so much. It is the same emotion every single time.

There are many such DD movies that I love to watch - Bawarchi, Guddi, Aradhana, Abhimaan, Chupke Chupke. Such movies are like time travel machines that transport you back to an era that you grew up in, bringing back memories of those weekend evenings when we used to watch whatever movies that are being telecasted.

No choice meant that you just accept and enjoy the movie irrespective of the language or genre. Something that our present days OTT subscriptions fail to provide by giving unlimited choices, making it hard to pick a movie to watch, and we end up swiping the whole time.

What are your comfort movies?

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