Jul 31, 2023

On Daily Routines

 There were a few questions related to my daily routine in the Q&A session on Insta. 

On Youtube and Insta reels, there are quite a many daily routines, morning routines, evening routines, and night routine vlogs. I have watched a few of them and they motivate us to plan our days better. But at the same time, it could also lead to a sense of comparison and guilt, if we are unable to do the 1001 things that people portray from their lives.

Very few portray the real days when we feel lazy and uninspired, or when we rush to get things done in the mornings. Most routines are carefully curated and presented in such a manner that it gives the viewer a "wow! I wish I was like him/her!" feeling.

Our routine is dependent on multiple factors:

  • What time do you prefer to wake up? What time do you prefer to go to bed?
  • What time do your kids go to school? What time do they come back?
  • What time do you need to leave for work IF you are working from the office?
  • What time do you need to connect to your work IF you are working from home?
  • What time do you wind up your work?
  • What about the schedule of others? Spouse? Family elders? Househelp?
  • What's the traffic situation in your city/locality?
  • Are you a man or a woman? (Morning routine is completely different depending on your gender!)
  • Do you prefer home-cooked food or comfortable ordering through Swiggy?
  • What are your absolute priorities and non-negotiables for the day?
  • What are your hobbies and other interests you like to plan in a given day/week?

Based on these factors, my routine from Jan-Mar was different from Apr-Jun. My routine from Aug is going to be different. Earlier, I used to plan my day through timeboxing technique. But I realized it became too rigid to accommodate varied energy levels and inspirations.

Instead of a fixed routine, I have prioritized a few non-negotiable habits for the day. These habits are stacked with repeating activities for the day.

For eg, D leaves for school around 7:45 AM. As soon as she leaves for school, I start my Yoga+Pranayama practice which would be for around 45 minutes.

My reading timeslots are tied to my 20-min chai routine in the mornings and evenings. I also read for 20 min before going to bed.

I help D with her HW from 5-5:45 PM. As soon as she wraps up her HW, I go for my evening walk for around 30 min. And after I come back, I do my evening prayers, followed by cooking dinner.

I don't have a fixed time slot for writing/blogging. As and when inspiration strikes, I jot down quickly and then elaborate/edit/publish articles when there is focused time.

Our schedule is unique and dependent on our life's responsibilities, commitments, and priorities. Though we can seek inspiration from others, it is ONLY up to us to design our schedule that fits our lives.

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