Jul 4, 2023

Vibrations of self-love

 Everything we put out in the world is a form of energy. Our actions, behaviors, reactions, words, and even our thoughts send out a certain vibration. Thoughts we think about others, thoughts we think about ourselves.

Before we look into the vibrations we send out to others, let's first observe the vibrations that are triggered by our thoughts.

What is the tone of conversations you have with yourself?

"I should go to the gym today"

"I should not waste my time on my phone"

"I can't eat pizza because I should reduce my weight"

When your thoughts and actions are not in sync, how do you converse with yourself?

"I'm a loser"

"I can never do this"

"I'm a failure"

"Why is it so hard for me to eat healthy?"

"Why can't I be like <<insert the name of that person whom you want to emulate>>?"

The vibrations from such self-deprecating comments and questions are bringing down our energy every single day.

Social media is a glittering screen of inspirations and possibilities, curated through veils of biases, expectations, and ego-nurturing ambitions.

How we interpret it and make sense for ourselves is completely up to us.

We can either take inspiration and customize our actions to suit our lifestyle and personality OR we can feel defeated and get into the loop of guilt and shame.

The SHOULDs and CAN'Ts in our self-talk are filled with low vibrations. Let's change the tone to

"I'm a healthy person"

"I want to be healthy"

"I prioritize my well-being"

"I'm inspired by <<x, y, z>> but I celebrate being me"

We offer more positivity and encouragement to our near and dear ones, whereas we are more critical, harsh, and judgmental of ourselves. Self-love begins with creating that space of higher vibrations within oneself. This space then helps us to respond to external situations calmly.

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