Jul 27, 2023

Purpose Verbs and Strength Verbs

In 2016, I decided to move from anura.blogspot.com to my own domain. While creating the page templates, I started putting together an "About Me" page. The content I wrote back then pretty much remains the same to date. I had listed 5 verbs that describe my interests. My annual review posts are mostly based on these 5 verbs as well.

As I pondered over these verbs, I realized that these are not just my interests, but these can be attributed to my purpose.

Our Purpose isn't really that ONE large goal that we strive to achieve in the end. Rather, purpose is found in actions that put us into a state of flow, where we immerse ourselves in the process.

From an "Ikigai" perspective, purpose verbs help us answer the question - "What do you love to do?"

Here are my 5 Purpose verbs






Other possible "purpose verbs" - draw, paint, create, sing, dance, play, clean, organize, etc.

There is another category of verbs that I'd like to call "Strength verbs". These verbs represent our innate strengths. We may or may not be aware of them, but others (our family, friends, and colleagues) certainly would notice and value those qualities that we bring to the table. What do others associate you with?

From an "Ikigai" perspective, strength verbs help us answer the question - "What are you good at?"

Here are my 5 Strength verbs






Other possible "strength verbs" - inspire, empathize, care, build, connect, share, etc.

We usually associate ourselves (or someone) with certain qualities using adjectives.

Verbs provide a different dimension of self-awareness, as we spend the majority of our time "doing" various actions.

Actions eventually lead to our personality.

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