Jan 27, 2005

Funny Rope dancer

Is she that funny that I laughed out so much with my friends? The heroine of the movie Kisna. In almost all her scenes, she is found hanging from a rope. No doubt she is talented. I agree I cannot perform like her. But is her role really needed in the movie? Maybe, I guess her role might be added to provide some humour to the audience who otherwise might have felt bored to death, watching such a horrible movie.

I read in a book that the dancer has mixed Yoga, bharatnatyam and etc etc to perform that rope dance (???). Why can't she just demonstrate her skills in separate ways? Why the hell she mixed everything and make her audience laugh?

This might not be her idea but the showman director's brain would have clicked this sort of a unique one. He thinks that audience would definitely come and watch his crap after his stint of successful movies.

If a heroine needs to show her expressions that she feels jealous or angry towards her man, Can't there be better ways than hanging from a rope? I remember a Tamil movie "Azhagan" where the heroine Banupriya , a Bharatnatyam dancer shows her anger as well as jealousy with her dance steps. That's dance at it's best.

I really pity the people , including me who came to watch a good movie. Initially, audience were amazed at the dance of the heroine; the next scenes, people felt why again and towards the end of the movie,it became so funny that everyone started laughing whenever she performs her so called dance mix .....

Hope our Indian directors respect the audience who spend their precious time and money, come and watch their favourite movies.

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