Jan 24, 2005

My new companion

"Music was invented to confirm human loneliness" said someone. I realize how true it is. Real music brings in so many changes within your self. Your legs shake automatically when your ears hear good beats. Your mind jumps with joy and you feel relaxed. Music is the universal source of joy. It has it's own essence which can make you spread your wings through out the day.

Hmm....A music system has brought out the philiosophical person in me, I suppose. A Sony Hi-Fi model, looking like a bird with two speakers as it's wings. It doesn't fly, but it makes the person who listens to it fly. It is a bulky system with two big speakers. The output is 2600 W PMPO (God knows what's PMPO !!!) , 120 * 120 W RMS (seems to be the real output). It doesn't play ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING as it's competitor but whatever it can, it plays best.

Anyone would start to appreciate Rahman's music when it's heard in Sony. For an ardent fan of him like me, the system is a treasure. The blend of music, be it flute or sarangi or veena, you can easily identify the instrument. I have been an avid collector of cassettes from my childhood. Even in this CD era, I always preferred to buy cassettes. Sounds strange eh? But after getting my music power house, I started to appreciate the quality of CDs. I might start buying CDs from now on.

It comes with a sleek remote. The best part is you can move to a particular song in an audio cassette. Many a times during my casette player ages (not so long !!!), when I wanted to listen to a song again, I rewind and then move forward, oopss....missed the initial lalala, again rewind........... It was such a pain. But now, I can easily move the cursor back and forth (Working with databases for some time and so the db slang has caught on me !!).

There is a 3 CD changer. I can just put 3 of my favourites and listen to it for hours and ofcourse, continue with my activities. Radio Citi sounds good. The clarity of voice is perfect, though the VJ was bad. There are various sound options available - VGroove, Surround quality, Rock, Pop, Classic etc. You can choose one depending on your mood. It has got additional plug in options for TV, DVD player to enhance the sound output. The best part is the red glow on the front of the player which dances according to the beats. This aligns with the volume adjustment panel.

One of the limitations is that it does not have the Auto-reverse capability. Anyways, you don't have to be so lazy to get up , go and change the side of the cassette.

Hi-Fi system is not only for party animals but also for normal humans like me :-)

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