Jan 3, 2005

A gud movie after a long time....

Independent India.....Software Industry booming, BPOs everywhere, SENSEX rising, Stock markets going ga-ga....... Yet some of the villages do not have even the basic amenities like electricity, water etc. Swades is a movie which captures these villages and how people can take control of things instead of blaming the government. India is a thickly populated country. People cannot expect the government to handle all issues and problems. With the power of education, people should come up with their own ideas and solutions. We cannot just afford to fight over petty issues.

Whenever we compare ourselves with West, we start to argue that our country is full of rich tradition and cultures. Can this culture take our country forward? Can these traditions make us a developed country? NO. Instead of arguing and feeling proud, we need to think about how we can pull economically backward people forward. Voluntary activities are carried out by a few NGOs. But that will not give a permanent solution to all our problems. We should not provide food, instead we should teach people how they can earn their daily bread themselves.

There is nothing more noble in this world than imparting knowledge and curbing illiteracy.
There is nothing more satisfactory in this world than helping the needy.

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