Jan 21, 2005

Stages of my life

Taking you to a short journey into my life.....Not many characters to confuse you. Just me and my friends.

In each stage of life, you have to part your friends. I don't have any contacts with my primary school friends - Geetha, Deepa and Shivashankari.Although I keep in touch with a few of my high school and higher secondary school friends, it is not as friendly as we used to be in those lovely days.

I still remember the day when Divya, my 6th std friend, ran out of school on a Saturday afternoon with my bag so that I would come and have lunch with her in her house on a Onam day. She was one of my best friends. Even after moving out of my St.Marys, I used to send her letters and cards. Slowly the frequency decreased and now, I don't even know where she is.

Jaigopal Garodia school was special as I met Subha, my best friend with whom I still can talk about anything and everything. We used to go for movies together. During those crucial public exam days, we used to slog and study hard. Passing comments about people were one of our fun activities.She is a fun loving person and very similar to me in many ways.

Then came the completely colourful Easwari Engg College. First day was fun. I met Anitha and we became friends instantaneously. But we were put in different sections. Anyway, Raji came to my rescue and since then , she is one of my dearest friends. A very quiet, sweet girl. I always admire her temperament. She is cool and never tense about things, unlike me who can get tensed about career, exams, blah-blah-blah.

We entered second year of college, when I got to know of Latha and Aparna. Four of us used to sit in the first bench. Typical padipps (I mean studious in Tamil) who writes down each and everything that comes out from the knowledgeable(!!!) mouths of the lecturers.

Anitha was also there (yes, in the adjacent first bench) along with Deepa , Preethi and Anupama. We all had good time together especially during lunch hours where we fought for sachin Vs Steve, Michael Vs Ralf Schumy, Shahrukh Vs Shahrukh...We all are die-hard fans of these personalities. Most of our talks revolved round cricket and F1. Might sound strange...But that's the way we are.

We had good and bad times together.Though we were very bookish, we had the guts to go for a movie in the final year of college.

I landed up in the garden city, Bangalore for my job. Some of them remained in Singara Chennai while many settled abroad.

What can I say about my friends here? They are such unusual people. I really found out what it is having fun with friends. All through out my life, I've been in a girls school and then a girls college. Yet I didn't find difficult to move with guys. The first year of my job was the best ever. Every weekend, we land up in MG or Brigade, watch some bakwas movie or the other, eat well and make it a point, to come home only after 10 in the night.

Priorities change, career options change and so people moved out for better opportunities. From a gang of 19, we became a tiny group of 8 now. God knows where I go from here and whom I meet.....

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