Nov 18, 2005

Are you ready to be a leader?

"Leadership wisdom", the latest I read from Robin Sharma's works was an enriching experience. I have read his other books "The monk who sold his Ferrari", "Megaliving" and "Who will cry when you die?". He projects some basic concepts and then narrates them using stories or experiences in daily life. That's what makes his books more interesting and inspirational.

Although some of the leadership rituals he portrays might sound idealistic, they are not impossible to implement. What should be the characteristics of a visionary leader, how one should treat his employees, what principles one need to focus on so that his subordinates accept him and most importantly, trust him - you get answers to all these questions and many more in Leadership Wisdom.

Julian Mantle, the protogonist of this motivational story after quitting his high profile job of a lawyer goes to Himalayas and returns home with full of ancient wisdom taught by the sages of Sivana. The Monk who sold his Ferrari talked about the rituals of personal effectiveness while leadership wisdom focusses on the eight rituals of visionary leadership.

Some of the rituals which I liked personally are "Link paycheck to purpose", "Reward routinely, recognise relentlessly" and "Focus on the worthy". The most interesting part of Robin Sharma's books is that the concepts and techniques he shares are always linked to a connecting theme. His writings doesn't go with just preaching self improvement techniques. And that's what makes his books worthy reading.

What amazes me is the fact that atmost importance is given to the sages in Himalayas and their preachings. It motivates me to take a travel to the holy mountains. That's always been a part of my dreams , yes, to visit Himalayas and to experience the feelings that many people talk about, including our superstar Rajni.

Next in my agenda is to read "The saint, surfer and CEO" by the same author. I had started reading this book sometime back, finished half of it but somehow didn't manage to complete it.

Any Robin Sharma fan out there? Comment on your opinions on his books.


Skely said...

As Far as I am concerned..
Topics like "Management Skills and Personality Development" should never be written..

They are so focussed on the society, they give you a method for us to adopt and live in this world, rather following our own ways..

Whether it is right/wrong follow your way, and one will always learn from their mistakes and proceed on..

For me these books are a big "NO"

Karthikeyan Chellappa said...

These kind of motivational books should be what kids in schools should be learning, not memorizing formulas that they will never use in life.

People like Robin Sharma spend a lifetime learning the ways of life & dedicate their lives to helping others reach success.

No matter how many books you read, you will always make mistakes. And by making mistakes, you will learn. Then you may ask - "But then what's the use of these books?".

It helps to smoothen the edges and get you on track much faster. Knowledge is Power. What you read & learn will help you.

Would you lead a team if you knew nothing about project management/people management? You can take risks with yourself, but will you risk others as well?

I'm sure there are some folks who would do that, not because they want to lead but because they are *only* interested in $$$. And that's what you could call - "Bad Leader".

Sumant Sarkar said...

here's wishing you all the best for
the all important test tomorrow.

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