Dec 29, 2005

la la wonderlaaaaaaaaa.......

This was how my mind was singing with joy and excitement on Sunday night. Amusement parks always amuse me. Thrilling rides that send a chill down your spine, Screams that you let out though you are not that scared, Exploring the unexplored, graduating slowly through the levels of toughness of the rides and finally returning home with exciting experiences are all that amusement parks offer.

The day dawned. An unusual Monday morning. No blues or greens. Just a sense of anxiety. A team outing on a Monday to Wonderla. Can you ask for more? I got myself ready and left for office. We had planned to leave by 9.30 but we were late by 30 minutes as usual. Indian stretchable time, I suppose. Since the traffic was not that bad, we managed to reach the place by 11.10. It was very surprising to see so many kids and youngsters waiting in the queue. Finally we got the tickets and entered the park at 11.40.

Our first battle was against a hurricane. Don't worry, it's not Rita or Katrina that smashed New Orleans. That was the name of our first ride. A three arm roller mounted at a good height. It was one of the high thrill rides. All these rides make you feel very scared when you look at them. But once you take your seats, it's just amazing. All your internal organs are swayed, churned and toppled. After you get down, you feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction and then you say to the same ride that made you fear, "hey, I conquered you. You are no bigger than me." and give a proud smile.

Since we managed to complete all the tough ones first, the drop zone was a child play. Splash was very entertaining and many of us took the ride twice. On top of all that, a nice way to end the day on a water pendulum for which you don't have any support other than your hand grip.

Food was good and affordable. The negative part of the trip was the cost of the ticket. It's definitely overpriced at 480 per head. But no regrets as long as someone else sponsors for you ;-)

My best team outing in the past three and half years. I strongly recommend Wonderla for people who like going to amusement parks, who do not face any health problems and most importantly, who has the guts to face these thrilling rides like me.....

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