Dec 1, 2005

My resolutions for 2006 - Part I

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New year has always been very special to me. It gives an opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh start and time to look back on what I have accomplished in the past year. I had set a few resolutions/ goals for 2005, have made progress on a few of them but have broken some resolutions. Anyway, no harm in trying them next year as well. Yes, I do believe in trying again and again and again.....Will list down what I have accomplished this year sometime in the end of December after I do a thorough analysis.

Here I go....with a few resolutions for 2006 in order of priority

1) Get up at 5 AM everyday (This was one of my goals for 2005 but never managed to accomplish it for more than 3 days)
2) Do some physical activity for an hour everyday to keep my body in good shape (Have learnt a bit of Yoga/Pranayama, tried jogging for a couple of weeks and off late, doing some skipping. But very very irregular in 2005)
3) Learn to play violin (Have been postponing this for the past 2 years, giving lame excuses to myself like unable to find a good teacher)
4) Become a competent toastmaster (There are 10 levels to reach this goal , have completed 7 levels so far, hoping to complete the remaining 3 next year)

This is all I have thought of so far. Will come up with Part II soon


Karthikeyan Chellappa said...

Some of these resolutions are inline with mine. I too want to master the art of waking up early and on time.

Here's a personal tip - Please don't wait for me to wake up and switch off the fan in the morning. You have to do it on some days. :-)

Skely said...

Just too good a tip chells..
Really enjoyed it...

Anonymous said...
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Aki said...

Great tip chells.....what Lollum do u draw at u r doorstep...8 pt kollam or is it the 6pt one...


Anuradha Sridharan said...

One public tip for Chells - Don't wait for me to wake up and prepare tea in the morning. You have to do it on some days :-)

Aki, are you talking about kolam? You have written lollum and kollam (i guess, it's a place in kerala).

DD said...

oh cool Anu, you are in level 7 of toastmaster... too good! all the best for the remaining three! :)

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