Dec 22, 2005

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I'm pondering now, deeply, about what I have for my precious blog. Thoughts flowing like Niagara falls but they don't stop for me to pen down. I need Dumbledore's pensieve, I guess. What to write about in my blog? Perhaps, about my blog itself and the wonderful experiences that came along with it.

If you notice, my first post was in June 2004, titled "Cup of Coffee". A real life experience which I managed to put it in words. Yes, I managed it. I can always speak about a particular incident. But when I want to write it, I always felt a roadblock. Pen tip touching my diary's pages while my mind is searching for appropriate words. That was how I felt until June 2004. Then this amazing phenomenon called blogging entered my life and everything changed. I'm not exaggerating here. Unless your communication is effective, it's very difficult to succeed in this high-competition, fast-paced world. I believe this concept to the fullest. That's what is motivating me to attend Toastmaster sessions. That's what is giving me the urge to blogging.

On Dec 31st 2004, I decided that I'm going to blog regularly in 2005, one post per week at the minimum. I had put that down in my diary as well. I read somewhere, guess it's one of Robin Sharma's books, that a goal unwritten is a dream. All of us have dreams, big dreams. But to achieve them, our dreams need to be transformed into goals. And these goals got to be written down in paper. That's what I did. Although I couldn't achieve all I had planned for this year, I did manage to achieve a few of them. A detailed post on this coming soon.

My passions, a few travelogues, books, music and movie reviews, my ramblings about life and society, stories, poems - what a nice way to express my feelings !!. Thanks, I was able to explore some of my hidden talents and unleash my creativity. I always had the feeling that I wasn't very creative and my right brain doesn't function at all. Blogging proved me wrong. I had lots of fun not only in writing my thoughts, but also reading others. Most of us never express our feelings directly. Through blogging, I understood the traits of many of my friends. Without blogs, I would have never known that my hubby has a flair for narrating incidents in an interesting way, Gandhi and DD for their good acumen in poetry, Biju and Preethi for their nice, little stories.

Thanks to all those who have been reading my articles and taking time to give their comments. Hoping to write more and yeah, revive my "Amidst a terrible desert" episodes.

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