Dec 8, 2005

My precious....

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Clear blue sky
Lush green fields
Fully grown coconut trees
Triangle shaped sand temples

Fresh water lake
Infant's innocent smile
Dew drops on leaves
Little lamp near a Tulsi plant

Pulley on top of the well
Sounds of the temple bell
Calf running towards his mom
Ganesha idol at the foot of banyan tree

Jasmine flowers
Steam engines
Malgudi's essence
RK Narayan novel

Slow moving clouds
White spotted deers
Soothing flute music
Hot cup of cardamom tea

Early morning
Temple hymns
Sunset evening
Pretty rainbow

Twinkling stars
Bright full moon
Snow clad mountains
Crystal clear stream

Slight drizzle
Milk cooker whistle
Refreshing lemon juice
Lunch on plantain leaf

Ambrosial filter coffee
prepared by father,
Watching one day cricket
accompanied by brother

Whole hearted laugh
with loved ones,
Special someone's hug
and supporting words
Precious life this is
God's gift of love.

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