Dec 25, 2016

Dr.Khader's talk on millets and healthy eating

Last Sunday, I took the time out to listen to Dr.Khader, one of my inspirations in leading a healthy lifestyle. I have listened to some of his talks on youtube earlier and had been awe-struck by how he puts forth his points on perils of modern lifestyle in a succinct, hard-hitting manner.

I reached the venue early and was surprised to see a buzzing millets outlet, setup by Grameena Angadi. Many senior citizens and middle-aged people were enquiring about various millets and purchasing them. The event got delayed by 45 min and I was conversing with a few attendees on my experience with millets. There is definitely an increasing interest in millets among 50+ age group, especially in traditional areas such as JP Nagar, Jayanagar, Malleswaram etc. 

Once Dr.Khader took the stage, in his typical style, he engaged the audience with lots of anecdotes and examples on how we are leading our lives and where it is leading us. He spoke primarily in Kannada but with English phrases here and there. I was able to follow almost 80% of his talk. Here's a short summary:

- Most of us are only addressing the symptoms but not looking at the root cause.
- Our country is blessed with 12 hours of sunshine and 12 hours of darkness, which is the optimum requirement for health
- Direct light from digital devices/gadgets not only disturbs our eyesight but also disturbs our digestion, nervous system, sciatic nerves and brain. He pointed out the rise in patients with Parkinsons disease and insomnia. He suggests to sleep in pitch-dark condition after 9PM
- Navane (foxtail millet) and Saame (little millet) helps to stabilize the nervous sytem
- Copper is the only metal to kill viruses and used in hospital bed railings to prevent infections. He advised drinking water using copper
- Drinking water from plastic bottles prevents absorption of selenium and zinc which causes hairfall and thyroid problems
- Brushing with toothpaste and toothbrush - most unscientific thing you can do to your body
- In the name of "science", we have abandoned many traditional practices
- Milk in plastic packs contain steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones etc, leading to PCOD and early puberty. On top of that, babies are given the same milk in plastic bottles with plastic nipples which worsens the effect. Millions of tonnes of plastic being used for milk packets - bad for health and the environment
- False propaganda everywhere that milk is the only source of calcium. Calcium absorption from milk is very less, whereas calcium from ragi milk is absorbed 100%
- "Why are we dumb?" - not questioning anything - in the name of science, progress, development, technology, looking upto the West
- Giving packaged malt drinks like Complan causes constipation, bleeding, piles, fissures, hemorrhoids etc among children. When toddlers are constipated, doctors advise Dulcolax to solve the symptom but the root cause is never addressed
- Millet based kanji / porridges are the best alternatives
- To reduce hairfall, stop using plastic combs. Instead use wooden combs
- Remove all things unnatural from your life. These subtle changes make a big difference to your life and meaningful existence
- People often question why millets are expensive but not question the price of expensive Nike shoes
- Elimination of wastes from our body - extremely important
- Millets are not only for people with diabetes or ailments but also for prevention of diseases and good health for everyone. Also helps local farmers. Can be grown without pesticides/fertilizers
- Millets being rich in fibre, removes all toxic material from the body
- Oodalu (barnyard millet) - good for spleen which purifies blood
- Many corporates/FMCGs want to get rid of kitchens from our homes. Proof - proliferation of ready-to-cook and packaged foods
- To get addicted to any food, picograms of chemicals are enough
- We Indians respect, love, adore, pray to Nature (animals, trees). We see God in everything.
- Take Kashaya instead of tea/coffee. Tea/coffee increases acidity, gas, stimulates nervous system abruptly
- For all problems of modern life, solutions lie in traditional practices
- Stop rice, wheat, sugar and milk for 3 weeks and you'll feel the difference
- Many nutritionists and doctors recommend eating every 2-3 hours, as though we don't have any other work to do. A millet based meal twice a day is sufficient
- Pharmaceutical companies are making Rs.15000 billion profits from diabetes medicines in India
- They prepare us to fall sick (using high sugar, high salt in packaged foods and junk) and earn profits
- India being a country with predominantly youth population - junk food targeted towards young people

If you can understand Kannada, do check out Dr.Khader's talks in youtube. His message is relevant for the entire country.

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