Dec 17, 2016

The star of words (COP#2)

This incident happened around 4-5 months back. As part of my usual evening routine, I took my daughter to the play area in my apartment. I was upset about something that day and I couldn't recollect now what exactly had happened. An elderly aunty also came by with her grand-daughter. We have met a couple of times earlier but never had a conversation.
I said "Hello aunty".
She replied "hello beta, kaise ho?" (how are you?).   
I said "teek hun, aunty" (I'm fine). 
She: "What's your name?"
I: "I'm Anuradha, aunty"
She: "You know, Anuradha means a star. Keep shining like a star always"
I: "thank you aunty" with a big smile

Those words meant a lot that day. It brought a few tears in the corner of my eyes but the effect didn't stop at that day. Every time I see her, I offer a "namaste aunty" and I could feel a lot of positive vibes. There's no long conversation or chat between us but just the hi/hello brings so much positivity. 

She is indeed a star - always a smile and a shining spirit. There are very few people in the world who can uplift you with just a few positive words. She is certainly one of them.

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